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Happy New Year!

What a year it's been!  2022 brought a lot of changes, both professionally and personally. 
First of all, we are now blogging!  :)  It's weird to catalog my thoughts this way and even weirder that anyone would be interested, but it's something we are trying and hopefully people find value in it.
In 2022, we added Delta-8 Cold Brew to our existing line of canned cold brew, and introduced our first non-coffee drink, our Laid Back kava-infused green tea, which has become a popular option for our keg clients.  
Of our single-origin and blended coffees, we've streamlined our offerings for a more curated, thoughtful collection, including a smaller rotation of limited releases.
We began the second half of the year with a delightful surprise -- our bronze medal at the Golden Bean North America.  The submitted roast, "Rum Raisin" is now on sale and we hope you will enjoy it.  That award, our first (but not our last!) was amazing and proof-positive that yes, we DO in fact roast our own beans and yes, they ARE really good!  We will start testing entries for 2023 during this quarter and hope to bring home a gold next time. :)
Towards the end of the year, we also rolled out our sample packs, just in time for our holiday gift boxes.  It was truly rewarding to see people embrace these sets as gifts for their friends and family.  These sample packs will remain available year-round, with special editions available during major holidays.
As some of you may know, I went through an inpatient procedure for my Multiple Myeloma a few months ago. I am recovering well and slowly diving back into work.  I am grateful for the support of our team, our clients and customers, our suppliers and growers, and of course, my family and friends.  I'm excited to get back to R&D, especially for our kava-infused beverages, and making updates to our website and social media pages. 
Over the next year, we look forward to expanding our presence in local cafes and bars, as well as select retail locations.  In the meantime, follow along as we continue our coffee adventures and we welcome your feedback on the blog, the site, our products, or if you just want to say hi!
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