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Natural Rainforest Microlot  (Limited Release)

Natural Rainforest Microlot (Limited Release)

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Tasting Notes: Citrus, Mango, Green Apple, White Grapes, Papaya

About Finca Idealista:

Finca Idealista, the flagship farm of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, is a prime example of how to change the world through coffee. Idealista uses machetes instead of herbicides, a mushroom to kill insects instead of pesticides, volcanic filters to keep mucilage filled wash-water out of the watershed, and chickens roost above the farm's compost to infuse it with nitrogen. Pickers are paid double local rates. Did we mention that Finca Idealista bought a rainforest just to protect it? The door is always open for visitors.

Why we love it: “Heavy with tropical fruit // toasty like graham cracker // juicy and clean” as described by one taster. When brewed carefully, it makes for a great afternoon cup. It’s lightly roasted to retain all the fruity flavors and show respect to the hard working farmers that carefully tended to this microlot. It’s our current top shelf offering. { background-color: #1b2a42; } .site-header__mobile-nav { background-color: #1b2a42 !important; }