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Award-winning black-owned coffee roaster and cold brew manufacturer
based in Tampa Bay

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About US

What does being Black-Owned Mean?

Being black in the coffee industry is a rarified position. Owners Gary Lambert and Peter Prince feel the weight of that responsibility; as a black-owned business and also as buyers of green coffee from primarily black and brown countries.

To us, "Black-Owned" doesn't just mean that someone black has legal responsibility within the company. It means that we remain connected to the communities of color where our coffee is grown and to communities of color in America where we can make a difference.

Coffee growers and processors are supported through partnerships with reputable green coffee suppliers who share our commitment to ethical labor practices. We firmly believe that our coffee tastes better without the taint of oppression.

As we grow, we aim to support our local communities through philanthropy and volunteerism, particularly to the cancer community that has supported Gary through his battle with Multiple Myeloma.

Our Partnerships

Bright Land Coffee collaborates with small to mid-sized speciality coffee farming groups in order to better manage the quality and quantity of beans.

We are proud to partner with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua, who share our enthusiasm for high grade coffee. They have a licensed Q grader on staff that separately cups every lot broken down by date, producer, parcel, variety, and process. This attention to detail is reflected in the superior beans we receive to roast for our coffee and make into cold brew.

We also have burgeoning relationships with farmers in the Blue Mountain Region of Jamaica. We currently offer Jamaican coffee in some of our blends and look forward to evolving into a key importer of single-estate green coffee in the future.

For some of our larger lots, we leverage our relationship with Bellwether Coffee, our roaster machine manufacturer, to source beans from Africa and Asia.

Sustainability & Quality

Bright Land Coffee uses a zero-emissions Bellwether Roaster. It was designed to be the most sustainable coffee roaster in the world, both in air quality and energy use, enabling roasters to minimize their environmental impact.

It is the first-and-only commercial coffee roaster to remove particulates and VOCs through clean technology for zero-emission roasting. By using electricity instead of natural gas to roast, it reduces the carbon footprint of coffee roasting by an average of 90%.

In 2020, Bellwether Roasters reduced CO2 emissions by 896,096 lbs.

In addition, our Bellwether Roaster has web-enabled controls that allow for consistent roasting, giving customers the same quality beans in every bag.

Our keg Program

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap!

For offices, cafes, bakeries, bars, and restaurants, we offer our Cold Brew On-Tap, a 5-gallon kegerator delivered to your location. Bright Land Coffee will handle refills, installation, and maintenance -- all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Cold Brew On-Tap is available in both regular and CBD-infused. For locations that already have their own kegerator, we have a coffee-only option as well.

#Coffee drinkers: These beans are THE TRUTH. Makes a very smooth & easy-drinking cup. I urge you all to try it.


I wanted to tell you that I tried the Blue Mountain Blend, and I absolutely love it - some of the best coffee I have had. Even my boyfriend who doesn't drink his coffee black, drank it black and loved it! Thanks again!

Heather R.


Our Location

231 Douglas Rd E., Unit 5
Oldsmar, Florida, 34677
+1 (267) 415-6442

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